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December 22, 2013
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     Matthew shook as he held his polar bear, Kumajiro. "A-Alfred..I d-don't think we s-should be here." He said. Alfred grinned nervously as he reached his shaking hands up towards the cupboard. "D-don't worry, little bro. T-the Hero is here." Alfred opened the cupboard door, trying to balance on the tall stool, and pulled out a blue jar. But his shaking hands failed to support the heavy weight and the jar falls to the tiled floor of the kitchen with a loud shatter, both boys wincing as the sound echoed through the large house.

All this started earlier that night after dinner. "Okay, boys. You've had your fun watching cartoons and it's time for bed." (Male!Name) said as he walked into the living room. (Male!Name) was their young father. He had (Long/Short), (Hair Color) hair and (Eye Color) eyes.

Both boys (mainly Alfred) groaned. "But daddy, I just w-want to finish this e-episode." Matthew said unhappily. Alfred nodded furiously, agreeing with his younger brother. "Yeah, dad! This episode of Teen Titans is so cool!" He said. (Male!Name) reached over and snatched the remote from Matthew's grasp, the younger boy protesting quietly. (Male!Name) turned the TV off and crossed his arms over his chest, gesturing with his head that they should go upstairs. When they both continued to sit on the couch and stare up at him pleadingly (Male!Name) pointed towards the stairs. "To your room. Now." He said.

Alfred and Matthew sighed and got off the couch and headed towards the stairs. They climbed up and went into the room they both shared.

The room had sky blue walls and a wooden floor. There was a bubbles set up against the wall on the right of the door. There were a few toys and clothes strewn across the floor here and there.

Alfred walked towards the closet and pulled out two pairs of pajamas; one pair was white and decorated with red maple leaves while the other was decorated in red, white and blue stripes. Alfred tossed the white and red pair towards Matthew, who failed to catch it in time and it hit his face. Alfred laughed while Matthew scowled. 

Matthew then sighed and took off his shirt and put on his pajama shirt, carefully buttoning the buttons in the right holes. Alfred began doing the same. "Bro? Do you think dad is hiding something? He shooed us out of the living room pretty quickly." Alfred said as he buttoned his pajama shirt. Matthew shrugged, taking off his Jean shorts and replacing them with his pajama pants. "I don't know. But if he doesn't want us to find out, we shouldn't." He said. Alfred switched out his pants and tossed his clothes into the ever growing pile of clothes for (Male!Name) to wash.

"Yeah, but I really, really, really, really, REALLY wanna find out, Matt!" Alfred whined. His hope escaped him when he saw Matthew begin to climb the top bunk. "BRO! Let's go find out! Come on, you know you want to~!" Alfred said as he grabbed Matthew's leg to keep him from climbing any further. "Let go, Alfred. Whenever you drag me into your plans we both always get in trouble." Matthew said, trying to yank his leg out of Alfred' s hands but failing. "MATT!" Alfred whined. Matthew sighed, ceasing his pulling and yanking. "Fine but if we get caught I'm blaming YOU!" He said. Alfred jumped up and down happily. "Yes! Come on, come on!" He said.

Matthew climbed back down. He followed Alfred out the door, both boys tiptoeing down the hall and down stairs. Matthew and Alfred flinched when a stair freaked under Alfred' s weight but due to the TV being loud it was that noticeable. The boys peeked around the corner and into the living room to see (Male!Name) sitting on the couch with a large fluffy blanket around him. Both boys froze when they saw what was on TV. It was (Favorite Scary Movie).

Matthew softly yelped and turned around to leave but Alfred stopped him. "No, Matt. This is our chance to watch a big kid movie." Alfred whispered to him. Matthew quickly shook his head. "B-but daddy told us never to watch big kid movies. D-don't you think there's a reason he said-" Alfred cut Matthew off. "Yeah, so what? Only this once, bro. Please?" Alfred gave Matthew the biggest puppy dog eyes he could conjure up. Matthew looked at (Male!Name), who had his attention on the TV screen, then looked upstairs. He looked back to Alfred. "Fine. But only a tiny bit." He said. Alfred smiled at him greatfully. "Thank you, bro. I'm so glad to have a baby brother like you, Mattie." He said. Matthew rolled his eyes. "Your only glad when I do something you want...." He murmured.

Alfred and Matthew turned back to the screen and gasped when (Evil Character from Favorite Scary Movie) popped up. Their eyes were glued to the screen throughout most off the movie till (Male!Name) paused it and stood up. Matthew and Alfred softly gasped and ducked behind the corner they were peeking out from.

(Male!Name) walked into the kitchen, reached up and opened a cupboard door. He pulled out a blue jar that had the word 'cookie' on it in Brown, cursive paint. Alfred grinned as his blue eyes landed on the jar in (Male!Name)'s hands. Matthew facepalmed, knowing that now that Alfred found those cookies he was never going to stop until he gets them.

(Male!Name) closed the door and walked back into the dim living room. He plopped onto the couch with the jar in his hands and 're-covered himself with his blanket. He picked up the remote and resumed the movie and once again the young boys were unable to tear their eyes away from the screen. 

When the end credits finally scrolled onto the television screen, both Matthew AND Alfred were shivering in fear. (Male!Name) turned off the TV, got up, and put the jar back into its hiding place inside the kitchen. Matthew and Alfred quietly jogged upstairs and got into bed just as (Male!Name) entered their room. He walked up to Alfred' s bunk and tucked him in, Alfred having trouble to keep from laughing cause (Male!Name)'s hand skimmed Alfred' s tickle spot. (Male!Name) leaned down and pecked Alfred' s Sandy hair.
He then stood up all the way and stepped up a few steps so he could see into the top bunk. He tucked Matthew in and pecked his blonde hair, carefully avoiding the curl. He stepped off the steps and gave his kids one more glance before he exited their room, quietly cracking the door behind him.

Both boys stood still for minutes, listening to the pitter-patter of rain hitting the room. Matthew and Alfred jumped when the sound of thunder echoed outside. "W-we really s-shouldn't have watched that m-movie A-Alfred." Matthew quietly stuttered out. "I-Its okay M-Mattie. T-the Hero will p-p-protect you." Alfred replied. Alfred quietly slipped out of bed, the floor boards speaking alerting Matthew that Alfred got up. Matthew sat up and looked over the railing at his older brother. "Alfred. What a-are you doing?" He asked. Alfred looked up at him with nervousness and fear in his eyes. "I-I'm just gonna get a cookie or two and I'll be on my way." He said. Matthew stared at him as if he was a freak. "B-but-" He yelped when thunder once again boomed outside. "Come o-on, Matt. We'll just get a few and then we'll be back up here. N-no problem." Alfred shrugged. Matthew sighed and pulled Kumajiro closer to him. 

"Who are you?" The bear asked. Matthew sighed. "I'm Matthew (Last Name)." He said.

Matthew climbed down the ladder and stood by Alfred. "Let's g-go." He said. Alfred nodded and he slowly opened the bedroom door and peeked out, looking down the dark hallway. "Coast is clear." Alfred whispered to Matthew. Both boys walked out of their room and down the hall towards the stairs. They walked down the stairs, careful not to make sounds, and into the kitchen. Alfred and Matthew stared up at the very high cupboard that held the cookie jar. "H-how are we going to get them?" Matthew asked. Alfred looked around and grinned when he saw a stool against the refrigerator. Alfred ran over and quietly dragged the stool to where it stood in front of the cupboard. Alfred began to climb the stool. "B-be careful." Matthew warned. Alfred then stood up all the way on the top of the stool and looked at the cupboard.

Matthew shook as he held his polar bear, Kumajiro. "A-Alfred..I d-don't think we s-should be here." He said. Alfred grinned nervously as he reached his shaking hands up towards the cupboard. "D-don't worry, little bro. T-the Hero is here." Alfred opened the cupboard door, trying to balance on the tall stool, and pulled out the blue jar. But his shaking hands failed to support the heavy weight and the jar falls to the tiled floor of the kitchen with a loud shatter, both boys wincing as the sound echoed through the large house. Cookies rolled around the kitchen floor and pieces of the jar scattered across the floor.

The boys jumped in fright when the light switched on, showing a tired but angry (Male!Name).

"MATTHEW AND ALFRED (LAST NAME). What are you doing?!" (Male!Name) asked angrily as he picked Matthew up and placed him far away from the sharp prices of the jar. He picked Alfred up from the stool and placed him beside Matthew, who was clutching Kumajiro like there was no tomorrow. "Go to your rooms and don't come out till I wake you up in the morning." (Male!Name) ordered. The boys nodded and walked upstairs into their room.

(Male!Name) sighed and began to clean the floor with the dust pan and broom. 

Matthew climbed up into his bunk and glared down at Alfred with his violet eyes. "Alfred! I told you!" He whispered angrily. Alfred glared back up at him as he snuggled into his bed. "You mad, bro?" He said. Matthew was about to reply back but was interrupted by a loud boom of thunder outside. Both boys yelped and buried themselves under their blankets.

They weren't normally scared of thunder. It's just that the movie earlier terrified them a lot.

They stayed still in fear.

Alfred was the first one to crack. He abruptly got up and ran towards the door. Matthew, who didn't want to be alone with Kumajiro alone, followed after him. They both ran down the dark hall (Kumajiro in Matthew's arms) and quietly entered (Male!Name)'s room. 

(Male!Name) was in his bed, facing away from the door and boys and obviously asleep. Alfred and Matthew walked towards (Male!Name)'s bed and shook his shoulder. (Male!Name) jolted up and looked around. "Dad? We're scared." Alfred said quietly. Matthew and Kumajiro nodded. "Why?" (Male!Name) asked, still a bit angry about earlier.

"I guess we sorta kinda maybe watched a scary movie." Matthew murmured. (Male!Name) sighed and scooted over. "Come on in." He said. Both boys smiled happily and climbed in under the blanket next to their father. Matthew cuddled up (Male!Name)'s side and Alfred cuddled up to (Male!Name)'s other side, Kumajiro laying down beside Matthew. "Goodnight." Both boys said at the same time. (Male!Name) smiled. "Goodnight, boys."
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darkmoon347 Featured By Owner 18 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Me: *finishes reading this* Umm Matthew(male!me) whose the mother in this?
Matthew: Uuuuhhhhhh well you see Maddie (fem!me)...
Matthew: I'M SORRY!!! *runs away*
Me: -huffs- I can't believe you would let them watch a scary movie. Dummkoph.
s1mr4n Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
MaleMe: Pffffffttt what are you takin' 'bout 
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i just dont even......cute story!
ChaoticMercy1 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014
Me: Do you not like scary movies?
Fem!Me: We like 'em! Though don't you get scared at some of them?
Me: I don't get scared... I get paranoid, but you have nightmares after we watch anything that has ghosts in it.
Me: No need to yell.
s1mr4n Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
ChaoticMercy1 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
Aw... I was hoping to continue the commentary. But I'm happy it made you laugh.
s1mr4n Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014
oh sorry! yea yours did make me laugh!
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Me : squeeee !!! See you would be a good dad .
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me : I love this I have to tell kimmeh this . But who 's the mom?
justine : do that and you' re dead . You don't wanna know ...
me : fine grumpy dad

I love this series !!!
zunigMC366 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014
Haha! Who IS the mom? XD

And thanks! :D
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