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December 23, 2013
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     (Male!Name) sighed as he played with his pencil, it being the only thing entertaining him. He took a bored glance at the tons of paperwork on his desk and began doodling on a few parts of it. He suddenly stopped and took a sip of his (Red bull/Monster/Coffee).

The door to his study opening startled him and he almost spilled his drink on his papers. (Male!Name) let out an annoyed sigh when a few droplets landed on his paperwork, smearing the ink words. He set his drink on the cup holder and spun around in his chair. His frustrated mood disappeared when he saw who was at the door.

"Ni hao, Fuqin. (Hello, Father)" The person at the door said. That person was Yao, (Male!Name)'s son. And he wasn't a person, he was more like a five year old.

Yao was standing in the doorway, the light from the hallway flooding in around him and into the barely lit study room. He had a conical hat on and had his shoulder length brown hair in a ponytail. He wore a blue shirt stitched with white and brown pants along with blue shoes. Around his shoulder was a small brown messaging bag.

"Hey, Yao. Shénme shì cuò de? (What's wrong?)" (Male!Name) asked. Yao smiled and ran up to his father., who happily picked him up and set him on his lap. "And what's with the outdoor clothing?" (Male!Name) asked. Yao smiled wider and reached into his bag and pulled out a wrinkled paper. "Here, aru."

(Male!Name) smiled at the little 'aru' at the end of Yao's sentence and examined the paper. It was a paper torn out of a book; a book, obviously, about fantasy creatures. There was a picture of a gold and red Dragon. It had tons of detailed scales all over its body, sharp brownish yellow claws, fierce orange eyes, and long gold whiskers. Under the picture was tons of written facts about the picture and dragons themselves.

(Male!Name) looked down at Yao with a raised eyebrow. "Yao~! What did I tell you about tearing paper out of books?" (Male!Name) asked teasingly. Yao looked at his hands sheepishly then looked back up at him. "You told me not to tear out papers, but this is important, aru!" Yao whined. (Male!Name) sighed and handed the paper back to Yao.

"Well, hurry up and explain, okay? Cause I have tons of work to do." (Male!Name) said, gesturing to his barely visible desktop covered with work sheets and empty cups. Yao barely even glanced at the paperwork infested desk and smiled brightly at his father.

"Okay, Fuqin!" Yao said. He showed (Male!Name) the paper again. "Look at what it's says here; it says that dragons can be found anywhere in China, aru. We are in China right now, Fuqin. And I was hoping I could go outside into the town and look around for a dragon, aru." Yao said, looking at (Male!Name) hopefully.

(Male!Name) sighed. He knew Yao wouldn't be able to find a dragon in this century even if they DID exist. He also didn't want to crush Yao's imaginative idea about being able to find one cause Yao absolutely LOVES dragons (but not as much as he loves Hello Kitty and pandas). "Yao, you know it's dangerous for you, a little kid, to go out into town alone. I've told you this before and-" Yao cut (Male!Name) off. "Yeah, yeah but that's why I came to ask permission first and maybe........." Yao then looked to the floor shyly.

"Maybe..........?" (Male!Name) asked. Yao then took in a deep breath and said really fast, "AndIkindacametoaskifyoucouldcomewithmeandhelpmesearch!" He took in a deep gulp of Breath after that. It took a minute for (Male!Name) to finally make out what Yao just said and he shook his head. "I'm sorry, Yao, but I have lots of work to do." (Male!Name) said sadly.

Yao's face fell and he gave (Male!Name) the puppy dog eyes. "Please, Fuqin? I won't bother you again after this aru." Yao said, determined. Yao and (Male!Name) had a stare down and (Male!Name) sighed when he lost. "Fine, okay. Just let me get ready." He said. Yao cheered and ran out of the room.

(Male!Name) got up from his chair and stretched. He then walked out of his study and into his room. He opened his closet and pulled out a (Favorite Color) shirt, (Blue/Black/Gray) jeans and some shoes. Knowing it'll be hot cold out, he grabbed a jacket for himself and went to Yao's room to get him a jacket.

When (Male!Name) went to the front door he was greeted by an excited Yao. "Ready, Yao?" (Male!Name) asked. Yao nodded and they left the comfort of their home.

"So, where do we look first?" (Male!Name) asked Yao as they headed through the bamboo forest and towards town. "Hmm.....maybe it's secretly hiding in a restaurant and is waiting till night when everyone leaves so it could get food aru!" Yao suggested, cutely stroking his chin as if he had a beard. (Male!Name) chuckled and grabbed Yao's hand. "Well, if we're going into the town you better hold my hand. We wouldn't want us to get separated, am I right Yao?" (Male!Name) joked, laughing at Yao's horrified face.

The two entered the town and quickly had to duck so their (more like (Male!Name)'s) head wouldn't get bumped with a plank of wood. "Fuqin? Why is the town always busy, aru?" Yao asked as he and (Male!Name) traveled through the large crowd of people. "Because this town is famous for its rice and lots of countries love it. So our people in this town are always busy planting and harvesting the rice AND shipping them to other places." (Male!Name) explained. Yao looked around in awe, finally realizing how special the town is.

Eventually Yao and (Male!Name) reached the town's most finest Chinese restaurant. "Hey, Yao? That's a dragon isn't it?"(Male!Name) said, pointing to the two large, Gray statues of dragons in the front of the restaurant. Yao quickly shook his head. "Those are there to ward off any bad spirits, aru. So there is no dragons here aru. And dragons are gold and red aru. Not plain old gray." Yao said disappointedly.

"Don't worry, Yao. We'll find one." (Male!Name) said, hoping to lift Yao's spirits. Yao nodded and looked around. "How about we check in the bamboo forest. On my Dragon paper it said dragons love to hide and what better place to hide then in a forest aru." He said. (Male!Name) nodded and grabbed Yao's hand and led him out of the busy town. They began searching for a dragon in the bamboo forest.

"We're never going to find it, Fuqin aru."Yao whined as he snuggled into his jacket more. (Male!Name) sighed and looked towards the darkening sky when something small and red flying in the air caught his eyes. It was kind of dark so it could be anything but it did kind of looked like a mini dragon. "Yao! Look!" (Male!Name) called, drawing the attention of the five year old.

"A dragon! Fuqin, its a dragon aru!" Yao yelled happily. But his happiness faded when the 'Dragon' started to float into the bamboo forest and away from them. "Fuqin, let's go after it!" Yao cried as he headed into the forest without waiting for his father. Ignoring the yells and cries coming from (Male!Name) behind him Yao continued to run after the 'Dragon'.

Eventually, the 'Dragon' had to land and it landed on a large rock in a small clearing surrounded by bamboo trees. Panting, Yao halted to a stop and slowly walked towards the small thing. His relief and happiness faded when he saw what it was. It was a small red paper airplane. Sighing, Yao turned around expecting to see his father behind him. "Don't worry Fuqin. It was just a.........." He looked around, hoping to find his father but only being greeted with the sight of darkness and tall shadows created by the trees. ".......Paper airplane."

Yao turned around and began heading in he direction he came from when he recalled something (Male!Name) had once told him; 'If you get lost, stay where you are.' He decided to move when no sign of (Male!Name) showed and Yao had gotten more frightened. The sound of an owl hooting above him startled him and he yelped, rearing backwards, his head colliding with a tree.

Yao, whimpering, clutched his head and held back tears. "Fuqin!" Yao yelled into the darkness, only to be greeted with his own echo and the sound of crickets chirping. "Fuqin!" Yao yelled again. He turned began to quietly cry, which turned into loud sobs. "F-F-FUQIN!" Yao sobbed out as he clutched the jacket that (Male!Name) had given him to wear, which still sort of smelled like his father.

Rustling in the bushes caused crying to cease a bit and he lifted his head up from his hands and looked to where the noise came from. There was another noise, which caused Yao to back away from that area in fear. "Yao!" And the thing that came out of the bushes was none other then (Male!Name), looking worried. Yao's eyes widened in surprise and he started crying again. "Fuqin!" Yao ran up to his father and wrapped his small arms around (Male!Name)'s legs, sobbing into his stomach.

(Male!Name) sighed in relief and got down onto his knees, pulling little Yao into his arms and allowing him to cry onto his shoulder. "Shhhh.......calm down Yao....I'm here now. No need to cry." (Male!Name) coed, trying to comfort his son. Yao eventually stopped crying and he wrapped his arms around (Male!Name)'s neck in order to reach his own eyes so he could rub the raining tears out of them.

"F-Fuqin? I'm sorry. I should have stayed next to you so I couldn't get lost, aru." Yao said. (Male!Name) shook his head and pulled back so he could look at Yao's tear stained face. "No Yao. I should have kept up with you. It seems like I'm getting slower and slower every day." (Male!Name) said, which caused Yao to giggle a bit. "Now, how about we head home and continue this Dragon hunt tomorrow, hm?" (Male!Name) suggested. Yao nodded and reached his arms upwards when (Male!Name) stood up, indicating he wanted to be picked up.

(Male!Name) smiled and picked up Yao, who immediately snuggled into his shoulder with a small yawn. (Male!Name) began heading home but stopped when he saw something red and gold flying in the air that was connected to a long string. It was a dragon kite. "Hey, Yao. Look. It's a dragon." (Male!Name) gently shook Yao awake. Yao looked to where (Male!Name) was pointing towards and smiled sleepily. "Wow, Fuqin. It's really cool aru." Yao then turned his head and buried it in (Male!Name)'s shoulder and went back to sleep. 

When (Male!Name) finally made it back home it was already pretty late. He slipped his shoes and jacket off at the door and headed towards Yao's room. He flicked on the light and sat Yao on his bed. He slipped off Yao's jacket and shoes and tossed them into his closet. He then took off Yao's blue outdoor shirt and traded it with a white pajama shirt with pandas on it. He undid Yao's ponytail, allowing his Hair to flow freely. He laid him onto his bed and tucked him in, laying his large hello kitty plushie next to him. 

(Male!Name) then got up and turned off the light. He closed the door behind him but catching one more glance at his son who had a smile on his face even in sleep.
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