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          Kiku  yelped as he fell into a hole, landing on his stomach and knocking the air out of his tiny body. He let out a soft whine as he sat up. He looked towards the basket of vegetables he once held that was now tipped over, everything that was once inside rolling around on the dirt.

     Kiku knew what these holes were. They belonged to the neighbors next door, who was obsessed with security. The neighbor had probably built these holes so that unsuspecting intruders could easily fall into the hidden trap.

     That meant Kiku went onto someone else's property, so once he got out he'd have to apologize or else he'll feel guilty.

     After getting the air back inside him, he stood up and walked around the well concealed hole, looking for a way out. He ignored the stinging pain on his elbows, knees and hands that had somehow got scratched up when he slipped. 

     His bare feet stung from stepping on sticks that were on the bottom of the hole, and each time he happened to step on a rock he'd wince.

    Thinking back, he realized he should have listened to what his father had said.

    Way before he got in this situation, Kiku had just awoken from his afternoon nap. The small boy was only dressed in his Father's large shirt, shielding the boy's shorts and stopping at his shins like a dress.

    Kiku yawned and slipped out of the blankets of his short, tatami bed. Half asleep, Kiku made his way out of his bedroom and towards his Father's room. Looking inside he could easily tell that his dad wasn't in there.

    He walked down the hall of his Japanese house, sunlight coming from the open windows and the only sound was birds chirping and Kiku's bare feet hitting the wooden floor. Kiku entered the living room and looked around, not seeing his father here either.  Approaching the low table in front of the couch Kiku noticed a half empty cup of green tea sitting on the surface, still steaming.

    Kiku heard the sound of water swishing and dishes tinking softly coming from the kitchen and Kiku's feet led him to the doorway of the kitchen. The sliding door was open and Kiku was able to (Male!Name) (Last Name), his father, washing the dishes they used to eat breakfast not too long ago. The window in front of the sink was open, letting in the nice, cool air of the (almost) fall season.

    Kiku walked up to his father and gently tugged at the bottom of his shirt, trying to get his attention.

   (Male!Name) jumped, startled at Kiku's sudden presence. He looked down at the small four year old, grinning softly upon seeing the bedhead on the little boy's head. "Ā, anata wa me o samashite iru koto o Kiku to mite yoi. (Oh, good to see that you're awake, Kiku.)" (Male!Name) said as he set the dish he was cleaning into the dish rack to dry.

    Kiku nodded. "Un, yoi gogo no otōsan (yeah, good afternoon dad)," Kiku said. (Male!Name) nodded and pulled the plug out of the sink, allowing the soapy water to drain out. He s eyes his hands with the wash cloth hanging on the door of the oven and putting it back when his hands were dry.

   Kiku took out a tea packet from the bottom cabinet and handed it to (Male!Name). "Can you make me some tea, prease?" Kiku asked politely. (Male!Name) smiled. "Hai, Kiku. (Yes)." (Male!Name) pulled out the pot he used earlier to make his tea and filled it half way with water from the tap. Setting it on the stove, he turned on the stove. He put in the tea bag right after.

    "Lets go wait for it to boil in the living room." (Male!Name) suggested to which Kiku agreed.

   Kiku followed his father as they went into the living room. (Male!Name) turned and picked up Kiku, who squirmed a bit at the sudden loss of personal space, and set him down on his lap after he sat down on the couch.

   Kiku shuffled a bit to get in a more comfortable position and leaned back as soon as he got used to the affection of being held. (Male!Name) patted down Kiku's messy hair back down to his usual bowl cut style. Kiku sighed and curled up against (Male!Name)'s chest, gently closing his eyes and feeling relaxed as (Male!Name) softly stroked his black hair. 

     (Male!Name) reached forward and picked up his still hot cup of tea from the table, taking a little sip. Kiku longingly eyed the cup, wanting some too but being too polite and shy to ask for some. (Male!Name) ,fortunately, noticed Kiku's stare and handed the boy in his lap the cup.

     Kiku Sat up, put the cup to his lips and leaned his head back, allowing the warm liquid into his mouth. Kiku handed the cup back to (Male!Name) who took another sip and set it back down on the table.

   For a while they just sat there cuddling until the sound of boiling water caught their attention. (Male!Name) sighed and picked up Kiku from his lap and set him on the couch. He stood up, giving Kiku's head an affectionate pat, and entered the kitchen. Kiku stood up and followed after him.
      (Male!Name) turned off the stove and poured some tea into a small white cup and handing it to Kiku. "Arigatō. (Thank you)"  Kiku gave the cup a soft blow and took a sip.

    (Male!Name) smiled and opened the refrigerator. "So what would you like to eat for lunch, Kiku?" (Male!Name) asked as his eyes scanned the items in the fridge. Kiku paused in his drinking and looked at his father with his brown eyes that practically said 'What do you think?' . (Male!Name) gave a chuckle, saying "You want Nikujaga again, don't you?" Kiku only looked to his cup, staring down at his reflection in the green-ish liquid.

    (Male!Name) pulled out all the ingredients, realizing he was missing a few stuff. "Hey, we're out of potatoes, carrots and green beans. Do you think you can run over to the Wang residence next door and ask for some?" (Male!Name) asked.

      They had two next door neighbours; Wangs' were next door to the left and the Zwinglis' we're next door to the right. Both residences were strange and weirded Kiku out. Like how Kiku keeps hearing gunshots from the Zwingli house and loud panda noises from the Wang house.

    Kiku nodded, not really too worried. The Wang house was only two or three yards away and (Male!Name) could watch him from the window while he cooked so he felt safe.  (Male!Name) smiled. "Great! Go get dressed and don't forget to put on your shoes." Kiku nodded at his Father's instructions and went into his room.

   He changed into the clothes a friend of his , who goes by the name Heracles Karpusi, had given him and brushed his hair to make it neater. Thinking he didn't need shoes because the house was next door, Kiku walked out of the house, sliding the door behind.

     (Male!Name) watched from the window, and shook his head disappointingly at the fact that Kiku wore no shoes, and went back to fixing up the ingredients.

    Kiku walked across the rock sidewalk, wincing at a few that stuck out and poked his feet. He walked up the porch steps of the Wang house and softly knocked. A few seconds later a young boy who looked a few years older then Kiku opened the door.

      "*Gasp*! Nihao, Kiku. What are you doing here, aru?" The boy asked. Kiku sighed and shuffled slightly. "I'm here because my Otōsan wants to know if you have any green beans, carrots or potatoes we courd have, Yao." He said. Yao nodded and went back inside his house, most likely asking his parents if they had the stuff the (Last Names') asked for.

    Yao came back out with a basket full of potatoes, carrots and green beans. Handing it to Kiku he said "Here you go, aru. I'll see you later after my school." And with that Yao shut the door. Kiku nodded and jumped off the stairs, going down one by one. He stumbled a bit when he got to the bottom but continued on. 

    He got to his porch and was just about to open the door when a white flash in the corner of his eye caught his attention. He turned his head to the bushes that were between the (Last Name) property and the Zwingli property and gasped when a saw a tiny white puppy.

     Of course, kids being kids, Kiku ran to the puppy in the bushes to go get a closer look, the basket still in his arms. And the puppy, due to instincts, ran deep into the bushes, no longer in the small boy's sight.

     Kiku chased after it and ran into the bushes as well. Just as he was gaining up on the puppy, the puppy jumped to the side. Kiku, who had just dove towards the ground to try and catch the white ball of fluff, hit the floor. He was surprised when the ground gave way underneath him and he fell into a large hole, getting scraped on the way down.

     And now that brings us to Kiku's situation.

    Kiku sighed and began to pick up the vegetables to keep him busy. Just as he placed the last green bean into the basket a soft bark attracted his attention. He looked towards the top of the hole to see the same white puppy he was chasing earlier looking down at him.

      Kiku gave a small smile and waved softly towards the puppy. The puppy barked and gave a low whimper, then it ran off in the direction of Kiku's house.

     Kiku's smile disappeared and he slowly dropped his hand to his side. Feeling rejected, Kiku Sat on the dirt covered ground and played with his fingers. Movement in the corner of his eye caused him to turn to his left and, to his horror, he could see a large, fat cockroach crawling on the wall of the hole. It was then the tiny Japanese boy noticed the bugs that were all over the wall.

     Some grubs that were squirming, some spiders that were slowly crawling towards Kiku with curiosity, some centipedes that were twisting towards some beetles and worms. All different kinds of terrifying bugs that could scare any child.

     Kiku abruptly stood up, moving towards the basket with a frightened whimper. And the fact that the sun was setting made it even scarier due to the on growing darkness. He was probably in the hole for, like, five minutes but it still felt like a life time since he retrieved the stuff from Yao.

      Kiku was pulled out of his scared trance when he heard a bark and a call coming from outside the hole. The noises got closer until Kiku realized the call was coming from his father.

     Kiku's eyes widened in relief. All he wanted was to be in his Father's arms, away from these scary creatures, screw personal space he wanted COMFORT right now. Kiku let out a loud whine that he was sure was loud enough to get his Father's attention.

     He heard steps approach the hole and, sure enough, he saw the worried face of (Male!Name). "Oh, Kiku. Thank God.............are you okay?" (Male!Name) yelled down the hole. Kiku nodded. (Male!Name) then reached his arm as far as he could down the hole. "Here! Try to reach my hand, can you reach it?" He said. Kiku let out a wavering 'Hai' and picked up the basket in one hand and grabbed onto his Father's hand with the other, barely reaching it.

     Kiku let out a small cry when he felt something crunch underneath his bare foot but was released from the feeling when (Male!Name) lifted him up and out of the hole.

     As soon as Kiku was safe on the ground, he let go of the basket and wrapped his small arms around (Male!Name)'s torso, burying his face into his chest. (Male!Name) wrapped his arms around his son's trembling form and patted his back soothingly.

     It was when the sun had finally went down that Kiku was finally calm enough to pull away from his dad a little. Kiku looked up into (Male!Name)'s (Eye Color) eyes that some how looked similar to his own. "Are you okay now?" (Male!Name) asked, running his fingers through Kiku's black hair. Kiku nodded and looked up towards the moon.

     "It was scary because I was arone and there was rots of bugs crawring around, but I'm okay now." Kiku said as he turned around and curled up into (Male!Name)'s chest. (Male!Name) smiled and stood up, holding Kiku. (Male!Name) picked up the basket and began to head back inside.

     "How did you know I was inside the trap thing?" Kiku asked. "Because a little puppy helped me find you," (Male!Name) said, gesturing with his head to the little puppy walking behind them.

     Kiku gave a small smile. "Its his faurt I ferr into the trap," Kiku said. But as (Male!Name) opened the front door (Male!Name) said "But it's his fault you were found."

    And that was how Kiku got his dog, Pochi.
Here is a new male reader story! Sorry I haven't been posting stories lately! I've been having the WORST writers block! But anyway~ hope you enjoyed! :iconcutejapanplz:
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